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What Could Go Wrong at my Rental?

We've recently partnered up with Initio - and Insurance provider who offer Home, Car, Contents and Landlord insurance, and as part of this partnership Initio have offered discounted insurance for Kris Pedersen Mortgage's clients when you use this link.

They've recently written a blog article about some of the challenges landlords face when it comes to property damage in NZ.

A closer look at property damage for New Zealand Landlords

Rental properties, which as an investor have numerous upsides both as far as steady income for retirement and capital gains into the future, can have their downsides if not managed correctly.  

The reality is that damages, an often neglected aspect of rentals, pose a considerable risk to your investment. These risks are as varied as they are prevalent, raising a pertinent question in the minds of property owners: “What damage is most likely to occur at my rental property?” 

Safeguarding your investments and mitigating potential losses, and understanding these risks is essential to success as a landlord.  

When focusing on these rental-specific claims, Initio identified a broad spectrum of loss types, which you can read more about here

Final word 

For more information about Initio's Landlord insurance cover, or to get a discounted quote for being a client of Kris Pedersen Mortgages - get in touch here.