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Kris Pedersen
Mortgages & Insurance

Award-winning Mortgage Advice for First Home Buyers and Property Investors.

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Why Us?

Kris Pedersen Mortgages was established by Kris Pedersen in 2007 after observing areas in the residential mortgage market where clients were either being declined (when he knew a solution was available), or given an answer which was not in their best long-term interests.

Kris & his team have been ranked among the Top Mortgage Advisers in the country since 2017, and over the last 10 years has rapidly become the choice for property investors who are serious about wanting to expand their portfolios and utilise market leading advice.

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Kris Pedersen

How Our Process Works


Application Form

Complete a copy of our application form & return it to us.


Book a Time

We will be in touch to arrange a time to discuss the application form and your goals/objectives. From there we will be able to give you advice around what’s possible in your current situation and what we’d recommend based on these goals/objectives.


Written Plan

After the meeting you’ll receive an email with meeting notes/minutes which outline the plan, for you to go over at your own leisure, so you have the tools to better navigate your next step. In this email we’ll also let you know what supporting documentation we’ll need to be able to proceed.


Loan Application

Once you have returned the supporting documentation to us and are ready to proceed, we’ll approach the recommended lender for pre-approval, and negotiate rates to ensure you get the best deal.



Once all the boxes are ticked we will have an approval from the lender for you which you can then satisfy the relative conditions and progress to being unconditionally approved. Best of all we’ll be there to guide you throughout this.

Our Services


Property Investment will always be both a wealth creation strategy, and Kiwi Dream. It is something that has gotten more and more difficult over the years due to changing finance requirements, higher interest rates and regulation.

Given it has gotten a lot harder to understand banking requirements and navigate the process, more investors are turning to Specialist Property Investment Mortgage Advisers, who can help you navigate the finance market and figure out which bank is best for you, and why.

Having the right strategy, and tailored advice can be the difference between you getting that next investment across the line now, or having to wait a few more years and put your dreams on hold.

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First Home

Buying your First Home can be a stressful experience, especially when you don't know where to start. Luckily, at KPM we’ve helped thousands of Kiwi’s make their property dreams come true.

We can guide you through the entire process from start to finish, and also provide you with the relevant information to ensure you're making informed decisions when it comes to your mortgage. We do our best to handle all of the difficult financing requirements, so that you can focus on the important things, like finding the right home for you.

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Personal Insurance

Generally speaking, Kiwi’s do not have sufficient insurance cover - it's no secret.

Too many people focus on looking at what’s next, rather than protecting what they already have. It's important that when you look at your financial situation, you don't only look at the aspirations you have to buy that first home, or that next investment property - but you also ensure that you've got adequate cover in place to protect yourself from losing all the progress you've made in the event of an unforeseen circumstance.

Speaking to a Specialist Insurance Adviser could be the difference between keeping your nest-egg secure (and all the progress you’ve made) and having to sell in a down market and going backwards.

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House, Contents, Landlord & Car Insurance

Getting insurance for your property is the only mandatory insurance when it comes to getting a mortgage.

Lenders (both banks and non-banks) require you to have the property insured when they take a mortgage over it so that if something were to go wrong, you and the lender are covered. We’ve seen more recent examples of this with flooding etc. lately, but this would other natural disasters too.

There are also other types of cover to consider, such as contents, car and even landlord if you’re a property investor.

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Refinancing (Interest Rates)

Switching your mortgage from one bank to another might save you some serious money. At the moment, with such a competitive interest rate environment, a shift between banks could mean saving thousands on the interest rate, and also getting a cash contribution from the lender to assist with the move might make things that much easier. In some cases these cash contributions can be as large as 1% of the loan amount.

Refinancing also gives you the opportunity to ensure your mortgage is structured correctly too - which will assist in your long-term goals & plans.

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Next Home

If you’re looking at purchasing your next home, whether it’s upsizing, downsizing, or even keeping (and renting out) your existing place, we can help. 
This can sometimes be a stressful process, but we’re here to make it simple and outline options for you so that you can make the best decision that aligns with your goals.

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Construction and Development

Whether you're a first-home buyer buying your first Turnkey or Land and Build property, or are a seasoned Property Developer looking to develop a site and construct multiple dwellings (to sell or to hold) - or anything in between, we'd love to help.

We have extensive experience in this space, and it certainly is something more people have moved towards over time due to favourable lending criteria and tax rules around new-build property - not to mention government grants via Kainga Ora for First Home Buyers.

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Banks are conservative in nature, and you have no doubt heard and read about how tight their lending rules have become over the past few years. Let’s face it – not everybody can fit into the nice little boxes that Bank’s need you to fit in – in order to obtain finance.

If you find yourself in this position, you do not have to give up on your dream or long-term financial goals.

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I Am?

A First Home Buyer?

We can advise First Home Buyers on the different home loan options, tell you how much you can borrow and show you how to repay your home loan faster.

A Property Investor?

Whether it’s your first investment property or your 100th, we can help you accelerate the process of building your dream property portfolio.

Searching for better Interest Rates?

Do you have the lowest possible interest rates at this current time? If you’re unsure, perhaps it’s time to talk to us.

Needing other Specialised Financial Solutions?

From Commercial property financing to Business Funding to Development Finance, we can help with tailored solutions custom to your needs.


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