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We at Kris Pedersen Mortgages recognise that the NZ property investment landscape has changed dramatically over the past 12 months. This is reflected very clearly in recent RBNZ stats in regards to property investment lending being circa half of what it was this time last year. As a brokerage we aim to always stay ahead of the market in both our services and our advice - where many financial advisors have been slow to react to these changes or continue to be limited in their capacity to provide an all encompassing advice process and service at a time when you need it most!

We have recognised that our advice needs to continue to assist in overcoming the challenges this environment has placed on our clients’ ability to build wealth and achieve their financial goals. As such we have made some key changes to our business whilst ensuring we maintain our very close ties with industry specialists and maintain the service levels and extensive knowledge our clients have come to expect.

Key Changes -

Creating wealth and achieving financial goals are important. Equally important is the need to protect that wealth and ensure those goals are not jeopardized by life's inevitable obstacles - Introducing Jeff Van Beurden – Risk Investment Specialist. Jeff will work alongside our team to ensure this incredibly important aspect of financial risk planning is covered, free, independent and tailored to you and your needs.

Our very own Ryan Smuts has moved to Key Accounts Manager and will be able to provide pro-active and regular lending and investment reviews to our loyal client base. We recognise the need to stay close to our clients in this ever-changing environment, and client relationships should not end with the settlement of a loan. Ryan has been closely involved with many of you over the past 2 years so we are confident this will be a popular change.

We have grown our mortgage team by adding over 35 successful years of banking and lending (retail and business) experience in the form of Andreas Kristantoro (Lending Coordinator) and Patrick Olney (General Manager). Their very recent experience within the banking industry in this market has quickly become invaluable and compliments Kris to ensure a real team approach to your financial needs.

In the current market where capital gains are not achieved as easily through market inflation alone, we introduce our Investor Support Specialist, Alicia Charteris-Harrison. With equity being one of the key components lenders require for them to offer finance, it is important that in the current market as investors we look to build equity through either buying well, or understanding what renovations will have the greatest increase in value for the lowest cost. In addition to this, learning how to maximize your rental yields will definitely assist on the cash-flow side.

Our team are skilled in understanding the basics of complex structures because of our close relationship and proximity to industry leaders in the asset planning and taxation fields. While advice will vary, from both an asset protection, and tax perspective KPM has the ability to recognize when we believe structures may be set-up inappropriately if not in the most advantageous way, and can therefore refer you to a leading professional who can best advise the right way to do things.

The finance market itself has, as said by Tony Alexander, tightened up considerably over the same 12-month period, and “the growing problem for people seeking to borrow has shifted from the cost of credit itself to getting credit approval in the first place.” Overall our primary aim is to always ensure you have the best opportunity to gain approval for the finance you require. Amidst a market full of changes within which we deal on a day-to-day basis, we are seeing actions from lenders and regulatory bodies alike which can be both difficult to work with and contradictory to perhaps what has usually been experienced by you.

The key changes within our company as outlined above mean that we are better equipped to assist with reviewing your full position rather than just the financing side of things.”

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We are aware that change will always create concern, especially for those whom have transactions underway. Please understand that nothing is actually changing in regards to these situations which will be run seamlessly through to completion.

If you do have any concerns please feel free to contact us so we can be of assistance. We do look forward to working with you to ensure you hit your financial goals.