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Interest rates at all time low

There is a reasonable chance you have already heard about the phenomenal rates being offered almost across the board now with most banks having rate specials down into the 3%'s.

What you may not be aware of is that you don’t necessarily need to wait until your current fixed rates expire in order to take advantage of these very low rates.

We are already seeing in many cases that people are better to break out now and refix at the lower rate with the interest saving more than outstripping any break fees.

As a personal example yesterday, I broke out of a 5-year rate that I had locked down circa 2 years ago for 4.65%. I incurred no break fee in doing so.I then re-fixed at a interest rate of 3.99% for 2 years which is obviously a considerable saving.To do a fair comparison however it is worth noting that I got offered a 3-year fixed rate at 4.29% which is roughly the period I had remaining on my term.So, in this example if I had taken the 3-year rate I would have benefited with an interest saving of 0.36% with no actual cost to get out.In another split I have with a different bank I am wearing a break fee of slightly under $2k to get $10k of interest savings over the next 2 years.
 If you want to investigate whether you can also benefit from this please contact us HERE and we will be in touch so you can take advantage of these unprecedented rates currently on offer.

Kris Pedersen