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Deposit Help from Family

The battle does not get easier for first home buyers needing 20% deposit.  This is particularly pertinent to those in the Auckland market.
If you have a deposit under 20% then obtaining finance is harder due to Reserve Bank restrictions in place. Additionally, the cost of finance is higher, interest only and/or revolving credit facilities are not available and there is often a hefty ‘low equity premium’ to pay.
So having 20% deposit does make a difference. But say you have 10% and your parents are prepared to assist with 10%. How can this work?
Option 1.
They simply give you funds by way of a gift which is not repayable. A Bank will often want to sight a gifting declaration in this scenario.
Option 2.
Let’s assume that there is a couple wanting to purchase a property for $500,000 and there is $50,000 savings (10%).  Another $50,000 is required to make the 20% deposit. Let’s also assume that one of their parents’ house is unencumbered (has no mortgage/loan against it) and/or has enough equity to cover the additional 10% required.
The structure would look like this:

Loan by parents and applicants (4 people) at 10% being $50,000 secured by a mortgage (security) over parents’ house.
Loan by couple at 80% secured by a mortgage over the property being purchased.
Loans and mortgages must be with the same Bank.

A suggested approach here would be to make the 80% loan interest only and make the loan for $50,000 principal and interest over the shortest possible term to repay that portion quickly.
Option 3.
With the same example $500,000 purchase price.
Guarantee from parents supported by the mortgage that the Bank holds over their property.
Loan by the couple at 80% being $400,000.
In this case it would be essential for the guarantee from the parents to be limited to $50,000 otherwise they would be liable for the total loan in the event of default.
Again in this case both properties are mortgaged to the same Bank.
Option 4.
A variation to option 1.
Parents take a loan from their Bank and on lend that to you. This could be done as a formal loan with regular repayments. I have seen loans repayable on the sale of the property.
Option 5.
Least favoured where all are owners/borrowers. In this case all parties are jointly and severally liable for the total debt.
It is highly recommended that legal advice be taken before undertaking any of these options.

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